Dr. Quin Christensen

Dr. Christensen

As a boy, Dr. Quin Christensen spent quite a lot of time outdoors in nature. He learned to study and tracked animals while accompanying his biologist-brother on research trips in the mountains of Utah. As a young boy scout he spent many days backpacking, fishing, and exploring is the mountains. Because of his passion for animals his father purchased a few horses. He treasures the time he spent learning to handle, care for and ride those beautiful creatures. By the time his uncle asked 16-year-old Dr. Christensen what he would like to do with the rest of his life, Dr. Christensen’s mind was made up: he was going to become a veterinarian!

Dr. Christensen grew up in Provo, Utah as the youngest of seven children. He attended Brigham Young University in Provo, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. In 1989, he graduated from Oregon State University with his DVM degree and headed to his first job in a mixed-animal practice in northern California.

Family pulled him back to Oregon the next year and he continued his work as a mixed animal practitioner until the summer of 1993 when he branched out on his own, filling in for various veterinarians all over the Portland metro area. A year later, he decided to focus exclusively on small-animal medicine and opened the doors of Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital in March of 1994.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Christensen is especially passionate about surgery. He’s always loved fixing broken things, and he loves to use his skills to prolong the lives of pets. He also enjoys dentisty, pediatric care, and geriatric medicine.

Dr. Christensen and his wife are the proud parents of six wonderful children, all of whom have had the opportunity to work at Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital during their high school years. They’re also delighted to be grandparents to a growing troop of grandchildren!

At home, Dr. Christensen and his wife have several pets. Maui is their dog and property manager; she roams over the Christmas Tree fields and forests to make sure everyone is minding their business.  A llama named Tina and a goat herd keep the grass and brush down, while Billy the buck keeps himself limber, jumping the fence, in and out of the pasture. Dr. Christensen and his wife also commonly see coyotes and hawks, an occasional bobcat, and plenty of deer around their property.

In his time away from the clinic, Dr. Christensen enjoys hiking, backpacking, cycling, skiing, and venture kayaking. He’s also fond of running, a hobby sparked when his eldest daughters convinced him to run a half-marathon. He is active in his church and serves as a Sunday school teacher with his wife for the local congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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