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Hospital Manager, Veterinary Technician

From the time she was in grade school, Gail was the girl people would bring their pets to for help. Although she spent many years working as an accountant, Gail eventually felt called back to her true passion: veterinary medicine! Now she’s the Hospital Manager and a Licensed Veterinary Technician here at Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital.

After attending pre-veterinary school, Gail explored other career paths before returning to Veterinary Technician school to follow her true dream of working with animals. It was there that she met Dr. Christensen. After visiting his clinic and seeing how well the animals were cared for, she began working with Dr. Christensen in the spring of 1997 and has stuck around ever since.

Gail has a special passion for working with cats, especially those that are considered difficult to handle. Some clients even call her the Cat Whisperer! Gail also enjoys radiology and client education.

At home, Gail and her family have many pets, many of whom are rescued. They live with six cats, two dogs, three horses, six cows, and a rescued rabbit. Once, Gail even rescued a goose and got her a duck for company. This quickly lead to an entire mixed flock of baby ducklings, quail, and pheasants!

In her spare time, Gail enjoys playing soccer, which she’s done for over 40 years. She also likes snowmobiling, riding her horses in the mountains, and passing her love of animals on to her grandchildren.

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Client Relations Representative

Like any veterinary professional, Karen’s love for animals was what drew her to the field. What has kept the job fulfilling for her, though, are the constant and wide-ranging learning experiences that are part of working in the veterinary world!

Karen grew up in Eugene, Oregon with five brothers and sisters. Her first veterinary position came after she answered an advertisement in the newspaper. After 11 years at her first practice, Karen arrived at Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital in 2003. After exploring some other career options, Karen came to back to veterinary work full-time in 2010.

As a Client Relations Representative, Karen gets to work face-to-face with both pets and their owners. She never gets tired of being a witness to the fascinating connection between humans and animals, and helping people and their pets during difficult times is especially rewarding for her.

Currently, Karen has two cats: Cisco is her indoor pet and Lovey is the barn cat. When she’s not working on her small farm, Karen can be found at Jazzercise, her favorite workout for the past 20 years, or floating in her pool in the summer.

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Certified Veterinary Technician

For as long as she can remember, Natasha has wanted to indulge her passion for science and her adoration of animals by working in a fulfilling career path. Veterinary medicine is the perfect fit—helping to educate the public in order to ultimately make a difference in the community is an added bonus! Natasha is proud to serve the pets and animal owners of the area as one of Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital’s Certified Veterinary Technicians.

Natasha is a Portland native and began her veterinary journey by volunteering at a local shelter. Next, she started observing at Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital while studying veterinary technology in school—Natasha worked here as a Veterinary Assistant for several years while completing her studies, then became a Certified Veterinary Technician with the hospital team upon graduation.

Around the clinic, Natasha is particularly fond of performing dentistry work and examining samples under the microscope. Most of all, though, she loves to meet new pet owners and their animal companions on a daily basis.

At home, Natasha and her husband share their lives with one pet of their own: Turbo, a loveable cat who enjoys basking in the sun and scratching vigorously on one of his many posts. When she isn’t caring for the area’s pets or doting on Turbo, Natasha enjoys bowling and loves to compete in her summer league. She’s also an avid runner and hopes to complete a 5K in the near future.

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Certified Veterinary Technician

Lily grew up in the outskirts of Oregon City, where her family cat left a permanent impression early on in life. She’s always known that she would love to work in the animal-care field in some form or another—now, she’s served as a veterinary professional for nearly 10 years! Lily is one of the hospital’s Certified Veterinary Technicians.

Lily first joined the veterinary field as a receptionist, but it wasn’t long before she realized that she wanted to serve in a more hands-on capacity. She became a Kennel Technician before going to school for veterinary assistant work, then completed even more collegiate coursework to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. Lily has been a member of the Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital family since the fall of 2016, and especially enjoys helping out with surgeries and forming direct relationships with the area’s pets and animal parents.

Away from the hospital, Lily likes sewing, painting, writing poetry, and spending time with her menagerie of pets at home. She and her husband have a cat, Skitter, who was rescued by Lily at only 12 weeks of age; a pair of rats named Potter and Lucky who love to sit on Lily’s shoulders and watch television; two rambunctious ferrets who go by Sassy and Houdini; and a pair of Chinchillas, Sweet Pea and Gidget, who love to chew on anything and everything.

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