When it comes to veterinary care for your most cherished companion, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the very best. At Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C., we’ve worked hard to create the most comprehensive system of health care services available to meet your pet’s needs without breaking the bank. We’ll develop a fully customized health plan for your pet, so you don’t have to pay for any unneeded services. You can feel confident that we always have your loved one’s best interests in mind.

We’ll start with a foundation of wellness care, because we believe that this is the best way to extend and improve the quality of life for each and every patient we serve. Of course, should the need for any other medical, diagnostic, surgical or dental care arise for your pet over the years, you can count on us to be there for you with the precise care needed, each and every time. From routine checkups to life-saving critical care, we’re prepared to provide for all of your companion’s needs in one convenient location.

The complete animal health care services available to patients of Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C. include but are not limited to:

  • Wellness Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Allergies & Dermatology
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Weight Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry
  • Homeopathic Medicine
  • Laboratory
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital Radiology
  • Laser Therapy
  • General Surgery
  • Oral Surgery
  • Laser Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Ophthalmic Surgery
  • Microchipping
  • Boarding
  • Therapeutic Grooming
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Critical Care
  • 24/7 Emergency Care

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Wellness & Vaccinations

Because companion animals age at a much faster rate than humans, it’s important that we do everything within our power to stay on top of their ongoing good health. The best way to accomplish this goal is through routine wellness and preventative care. When we are able to examine your pet on a regular basis, we are able to prevent illness and detect disease in its earliest stages. This can vastly extend the number of years you get to enjoy your pet’s companionship, and improve the quality of that extra time tenfold. Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital P.C. offers comprehensive wellness care for animals of all species and ages. Schedule your pet’s next appointment today.

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Allergies & Dermatology

Pet allergies are nothing to sneeze at, and neither are other dermatological disorders that could be causing your loved one to experience everything from minor itching to outright pain. At Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C., we want to help your animal companion achieve optimum external health. Our professional pet allergy and dermatology services are designed to identify and diagnose problems with the skin, ears and feet quickly and accurately so that we can develop the best course of treatment for your companion. If you suspect your animal friend may be experiencing an allergy or other skin problem, don’t wait another moment. Give us a call!

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Nutrition & Weight Management

If you’ve been down the pet food aisle recently, you’ve probably noticed that there are literally hundreds of different food products to choose from. With that many options, how can you be certain that the one you’ve selected is truly meeting all of your pet’s nutritional needs? What about weight? Do you know for sure whether the scale is tipping in your pet’s favor? The topics of diet and weight management can be tricky, even for the most seasoned pet parent. With the right guidance, however, it doesn’t have to be. Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C. offers professional nutritional analyses along with weight control strategies to help your loved one reach his or her fullest potential.

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Not every illness or injury can be easily diagnosed with a physical exam. Since our animal friends can’t tell us what’s bothering them, it’s up to us to identify and diagnose potential health concerns so we can treat them accordingly. That’s where veterinary diagnostics come into play. Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C. uses a number of routine and advanced diagnostic tools – such as laboratory work and imaging – to get the answers we need, quickly and accurately. We want to make a positive impact on the life of your pet, and we can do so by staying on top of his or her ongoing good health with our comprehensive diagnostic services.

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Does your pet have bad breath? Do you find yourself shying away from those wet, slobbery kisses or turning your head when he or she comes in to snuggle close? We don’t want either of you to miss out on those important bonding moments! That’s why we’ve developed such a comprehensive dental care system. Through regular care, including exams, cleanings and home brushing, your loved one’s mouth will be clean and fresh! If your pet already suffers from an existing dental problem, we can help with that as well. Let’s work together to make those close-up moments a part of your everyday life again!

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When your pet needs surgery – whether it’s a routine spay or neuter or something more complex – it can be a challenging time filled with questions and concerns. You want to be certain that your loved one will be well cared for and won’t experience a lot of discomfort or stress during the process. At Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C., we take every pet surgery serious. We are experienced at performing a broad range of surgical procedures, from simple to advanced. Most importantly, we will work hard to keep your pet as safe and comfortable as possible at all times while in our care. Rest assured that when it comes to surgery, we’ve got a team you can trust.

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Laser Therapy

You may have heard about laser therapy and how it can be used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and ailments in humans. Now, that very same innovative technology is also available for use in our animal companions, and with the same incredible results. Laser therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment method that has been proven to be highly effective in controlling pain, reducing inflammation, improving mobility, and healing tissue that has been damaged by injury or surgery. If your pet suffers from a painful medical condition, recently underwent surgery or became injured in some way, laser therapy might be just the thing he or she needs to feel better. Give us a call today to find out more!

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Boarding services are available for our existing clients. All guests are treated like royalty, with comfortable accommodations and lots of one-on-one attention from our caring staff. If your pet has special needs, such as a prescription diet or medication, we would be more than happy to include those extras during their stay. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your pet’s time with us enjoyable.

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Critical Care

As a loving pet parent, you never want to imagine a situation in which your cherished companion needs urgent medical care. Unfortunately, emergencies happen. The best thing you can do for your pet is to be prepared ahead of time, knowing exactly who to call in your time of need. Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C. is equipped to provide critical care during our regular office hours. Our staff is experienced in emergency veterinary care and we’re ready to step in at a moment’s notice, delivering whatever medical, diagnostic or surgical care is necessary. We sincerely hope you’ll never face the need for urgent veterinary care, but we want you to know that if that moment does occur, you’ve got someone you can count on in your corner. Our phone message will direct you to our local Emergency Veterinary Clinic should you need those services after hours.

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