Did you just learn that your pet needs surgery? If so, there’s no need to panic.

When your needs surgery – whether it’s a routine spay or neuter or something more complex – it can be a challenging time filled with questions and concerns. You want to be certain that your loved one will be well cared for and won’t experience a lot of discomfort or stress during the process.

At Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C., we take every pet surgery serious. We are experienced at performing a broad range of surgical procedures, from simple to advanced. Most importantly, we will work hard to keep your pet as safe and comfortable as possible at all times while in our care. Rest assured that when it comes to surgery, we’ve got a team you can trust.

Pre-Surgical Care

We start with a thorough physical exam before any surgical procedure, to ensure that a fever or other illness won’t be a problem. Preanesthetic blood testing is also important in reducing the risks associated with anesthesia, even for apparently healthy animals. If there is a problem, it is much better to find it before it causes potential complications. We also develop customized pain management plans for each patient prior to surgery to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible at all times.


Once checked in for surgery, we will go out of our way to make your pet feel secure and at ease. Soothing voices, reassuring cuddles and extra TLC will help make the experience much less stressful for your companion. Just prior to surgery, one of our experienced technicians will administer the anesthesia, carefully sedating your pet so the doctor can begin the procedure. All surgeries are performed in our state-of-the-art surgical suite, complete with modern equipment used to monitor your pet’s wellbeing throughout the entire process.

Laser Surgery

Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C. is pleased to offer laser surgery to better serve our clients and patients. The use of a laser in lieu of a traditional scalpel can offer many benefits to your pet, including less pain and a faster healing time. Most of the surgeries performed at our hospital can be handled with the surgical laser. Ask us today if this option is available for your pet’s procedure.

After Surgery

When your pet’s operation is finished, he or she will be moved to the recovery area where we will continue monitoring as the medication wears off. You will be notified that the surgery is over and advised when your pet will be ready for pick-up. Before bringing your loved one home, we will explain our post-surgical care instructions to help make the recovery process as smooth and painless as possible.

When it comes to pet surgery, having the right team in your corner can make all the difference. Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital, P.C. has all the surgical care and support you both need during this challenging time. Call today to learn more!

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