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Animal Dental Care in Tigard

Animal Dental Care in Tigard

It may not generally be the first thing we think about when it comes to the overall health of our pets, but dental care is an important part of their wellness. In fact, poor oral hygiene can have serious health implications that span far beyond the mouth. As a pet owner, finding quality animal dental care in Tigard is important for your companion’s long term health and happiness.

What is Animal Dentistry?

Animal dentistry is the practice of performing services related to the healthy maintenance of your pet’s mouth. This includes things like teeth cleaning and polish, tooth extractions or repairs, as well as a number of other procedures depending on each animal’s needs. Typically, your animal dental care specialist here in Tigard will also want to take digital x-rays of the entire mouth to identify specific problems and concerns with the teeth or jaws, and under the gumline. This will help them to see any possible issues and give then a comparison for the future.

Symptoms of Oral Health Issues  

Want to know when it’s time to seek animal dental care in Tigard for the first time? Well truthfully, the answer is anytime and ideally when your pet is young. As with human children, starting pets early at the vet for dental care can help their health overtime, as well as get them used to the process. This will make them more comfortable with visits and with the veterinarian. Here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for and if your pet is showing any of these signs, have them seen by a veterinarian right away.

– Bad breath

– Loose teeth

– Broken teeth

– Bleeding from the mouth

– Swelling in the mouth

– Loss or reduction in appetite

– Rubbing or pawing at the face

How is Animal Dentistry Done?

Working on animals isn’t as easy as working on people. Our pets just don’t have the same ability to sit still for a thorough exam, and especially not for a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure. As such, the best veterinarians doing animal dental care in Tigard utilize anesthesia to perform oral health procedures. Basic exams can be done without anesthesia, but even procedures like cleaning require it. It not only works to relieve your pet’s anxiety or stress over the dental visit, but also allows your veterinarian to work without movement and interruption.

Because dental care is such an important part of your pet’s wellness, your best defense against rapid decline in oral hygiene is at home care. Be sure that you’re doing your part by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, and providing veterinarian-approved snacks and products that can help clean the teeth and mouth. With annual exams and in home care, this will ensure that your pet has optimal oral health.

Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital offers excellent dental care for your animal, and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our services.