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Full Service Diagnostics

Full Service Diagnostics

Willowbrook Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic testing to help keep your pets feeling their best. Our comprehensive in-house laboratory capabilities mean that you never have to travel far to keep your pet healthy, either. From regular wellness screenings to diagnosing chronic health conditions, these advanced diagnostic capabilities mean better care for your pet. 

If your pet has been showing signs of illness, our full-service reference laboratory allows us to quickly and effectively test for specific markers of disease. Combining skilled microscopy, urinalysis, fecal analysis, and blood panels, we can help provide answers about concerning symptoms quickly and accurately.

Full-service diagnostics include

Our full service diagnostics also include digital radiography for both dental and general medical purposes. Depending on the symptoms an animal is presenting with, we can also perform skilled ultrasonography for fast diagnosis. Our team can provide echocardiogram testing for heart conditions as well.

Just as in humans, our pets can have allergies and sensitivities that affect their health and overall wellbeing. We may suggest performing allergy testing on your pet to determine underlying causes of telltale symptoms, such as chronic and recurring skin rashes or gastrointestinal issues.

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